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CIO & Vice President at Toshiba International

Allen Wuescher is the Vice President and CIO of Toshiba International Corporation where a lifetime of experience has helped him cultivate a career within the digital world. 

Growing up, for Allen, computers were always a hobby of his. In his free time, he taught himself how they worked and began to learn how to program them for fun. As he grew older and the time came to further his education, Allen pursued his Ph.D. at Louisiana State University where he earned his MBA in Information Systems and Decision Sciences [ISDS]). 

Across his professional career, Allen Wuescher has amassed an extensive amount of experience. He had the opportunity to work for two of the Big 4 accounting powerhouses where his experience fell heavily into the tech arena, doing data analytics and pulling information for audits as well as keeping an eye on suspicious activity. 

Because of these skills and the opportunities he’s had, Allen has developed an attractive career with marketable skills in mergers and acquisitions, implementations, compliance, ethics, and fraud, and the list doesn’t stop there. He thinks outside of the box and combines his knowledge with his skills in transformation, innovation, integration, and revenue generation to keep on the cutting edge of industry. 

Allen Wuescher has always enjoyed being at the forefront of groundbreaking technology which is why he’s one of the few CIOs who invest in their own technology.  Allen is also one of the few CIOs out there who has invested in – and wholeheartedly believes in – the power of cryptocurrency. He has personally invested in Crypto and fully predicts that we’re on the cusp of societal transformation through rapidly developing new Blockchain technologies. 

Allen is pleased to label himself as a futurist; while many people live in fear of the encroaching tide of new tech developments and products, Allen welcomes them with open arms. He was one of the first Alexa users and took full advantage of the tangential IoT technology to set up the entire house in such a way that his children could enjoy the device and convenience as well. One of the reasons Allen Wuescher loves working with Toshiba International is that it affords him the opportunity to try out groundbreaking tech, often before it hits the market. He enjoys having the ability to play with brand new, unreleased, cutting-edge toys in an industry-defining tech company. 

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